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emptyhandspodcast's podcast

Jul 24, 2017

Jay Johnson came through with RI new canning wonder, Tilted Barn; DIPA and Sour. We talk Re-Issues on vinyl. Some new garage, hardcore and a splash of HipHop. Recorded June 6, 2017. Label and release info stated in audio.


Ultra-Violent "Dead Generation", "Where the Angels Dare Not Tread"

Really Red "Too Political", "Teaching You the Fear"

Life's Blood "Not For the Weak" *(not from reissue)

The Cavemen "I Hate Art", "She Ain't My Baby"

Control Freaks "Control Freaks"

Walk the Plank "Sea of Scenes"

Dark Blue "Tired of the Poor"

Alpha Faktion "System Shutdown"

end beat instrumental by hutch.